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Religious Worker - Youth Coordinator
To Be Agreed      Salary: £ 19650 - £ 26200

- To be able to coordinate the youth by providing kingdom leadership through service teaching. - To work with and under the direction of the shepherd and church management to focus on the great commission and to equip the church to carry out the five functions of the New Testament church: evangelism, discipleship, ministry, fellowship and worship. - To be able to travel within the UK and outside the UK for church programmes and propagation of the gospel. - The applicant must have minimum of 2 years previous experience in pastoral knowledge, church outreach and smooth running of church youth services. - The applicant must be born again and spirit filled, be a celestial member with celestial background. - Be prominent in teaching the word of God during youth programmes Duties - The applicant duties include ability to make sure the youth programme is well coordinated, support with smooth running of the church services. - Applicant will also coordinate with the shepherd and other church managements to plan and implement a vital, comprehensive outreach ministry for the congregation to reach people of all ages with Christian love, healing and street mission. - Applicant will have to attend organised youth programmes inside and outside the UK. - Applicant must be able to function in all kinds of services such as main services, naming ceremony, ordinations and dedications. - Applicant must be able to engage with other ministers to carry out programs of membership care, including plans for growth in devotional life and distribution of devotional materials. - Applicant must have the ability to listen to and communicate with people of all ages; a concern that others know Christ; the ability to work with church members, visitors; and skills for organising meetings and planning, evaluating effective technical support and events. - Applicant must be able to accept other additional duties as directed by the shepherd and the church management. Period of work per week 30 hours per week Flexitime Location Manchester Job type Full-time Closing date 03/09/2023 Salary from £21,673

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